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OKI LTDAutomatic Monitoring and Targeting Overview

OKI's Cumbernauld site had a large number of sub-meters installed. This helped the company better understand the site's electricity usage by monitoring the consumption of individual circuits. However, the on-site staff were unable to make use of this information as they did not have access to the original data collection system, installed along with the meters.

What we did

ScottishPower's Energy Solutions arranged for new data collection units to be installed, retrieving the data from the sub-meters. The data was then able to be viewed and analysed on the ScottishPower Energy Portal.

What our customer said

"ScottishPower's Energy Portal has proved a cost effective investment for Oki. With the help of this easy to use system, we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 15% last year. The system lets us diagnose energy wastage, identify areas of excessive usage, and visualise our energy consumption trends."

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