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When a business looks at fixed overhead, one of the considerations they look most closely at is their commercial electricity bill. The cost of keeping the lights on and utilizing power efficiently is something businesses cannot live without but like to keep under control.

Businesses seek out the best rates for commercial electricity much the same way that homeowners look for energy rates. They can go to utility websites and look at all of the various rate plans. But many businesses also seek out companies that specifically focus on providing businesses with specific solutions.

Companies like APG&E, who are independent providers of power throughout the deregulated markets, are structured to handle both residential and commercial electricity customers. They have sales teams who understand the needs of small to mid-size businesses and help them find the best rate and terms to fit their company’s needs.

Many businesses are also called upon by independent energy brokers who work with companies to figure out what they need in the way of commercial electricity and gas, and then do the shopping for their customers in finding the best rates possible.

If a company is interested in lowering their bill, there are several approaches they can consider. First they should look at their bill and see what their rate per kilowatt hour is. The rate can be locked in for a fixed period of time. Or, some companies like to watch the market and take advantage of the fluctuations that exist to rerate monthly and capture a lower rate where possible. These companies often work with an energy broker or a direct sales team at an independent energy provider like APG&E to monitor trends and rates for them.

This is a great strategy if the company has the bandwidth and knowledge to take on watching the market. Most companies would rather “set it and forget it” when it comes to their commercial electricity rates. These companies look for fixed rates over a longer period of time. In some cases the contract can be for 12 months. Depending on the size of the company, they can lock in a rate for as long as 24 or 36 months.

But the rate is only one aspect of the cost of energy each month. Another factor that companies can control is usage. Many companies have created sustainability goals, both for environmental reasons as well as cost cutting measures.

Companies can implement a number of initiatives to keep their usage down. There are the usual energy saving steps such as keeping lights off when not using an office, or unplugging computers. But companies can also look at more sophisticated ways to reduce their usage. Working with their energy provider, companies can schedule demand response events, where their energy flow is reduced during certain times of the day. They can also install LED bulbs and other sustainability tools to reduce the amount of energy used when the lights are on. Sometimes ideas such as installing filtered blinds and monitoring the thermostat can make a sizable difference in an office environment.

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