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Refunds for customers with credit balances

If you’d like to request a credit balance refund, we're happy to discuss this with you. To find out how, click below to choose your payment method or circumstance.

I pay by Direct Debit

With Direct Debit we spread the cost of your energy evenly across the year. You can often build up a credit balance through the summer months, putting your account in credit. It may be a good idea to leave this balance on your account to pay for the extra energy you’ll use during the winter. At your annual review if your account is in credit, you shouldn’t need to do anything, as we'll automatically refund this to you as outlined below.

  • If your annual review is based upon actual meter readings and your balance is greater than one month's payment value or you are over £75 in credit, we'll automatically refund your balance during your review.
  • But if your credit amount is less than one month's payment value or under £75, we'll carry it forward into next year's payment plan.

If you have an online account, login now to enter your meter readings.

cheque I pay each quarter by cash/cheque

If you have supplied us with accurate meter readings, and your credit balance is £5 or more, then we'll automatically refund your credit balance.

I pay by a different payment method I'm moving home and have a credit balance I'm moving my ScottishPower account to my new home

You should normally be able to transfer your account balance from your old home to your new home automatically.

I'm moving to a different supplier at my new home

Please supply meter readings to your new supplier. If you supplied actual meter readings to them and the balance of your final bill is greater than £5, we'll refund you automatically.

We’ll do this directly into your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit or we’ll send you a cheque if you don’t. Either way your refund will be with you within 14 days. Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit until we’ve issued your refund. If you have then we’ll refund your credit by cheque and this may take an additional week.

I've closed my ScottishPower account

We wait for your new supplier to give us the opening meter readings you gave them. Whilst they’ll use them to open your new account, we’ll use them to close your account and create your final bill.

If we owe you more than £5, we’ll refund you within 14 days either directly into your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit, or we’ll send you a cheque if you don’t. If you’ve cancelled your Direct Debit we’ll send you a cheque within 3 weeks.

To refund any credit that you may be due at your previous address, we will need your final meter readings for that address.


We’re part of the industry campaign “MyEnergyCredit”. This aims to reunite former customers with credit balances that have not been refunded to them.

If you think you had an unclaimed credit balance when you switched supplier or moved house, no matter how long ago, just get in touch with the following details. We’ll investigate and get back to you within 10 working days.

  • Your ScottishPower account number
  • Full name
  • The address that we supplied you at
  • Date of the final invoice
  • Name & address for refund to be issued to (if this is different than the account holder, please tell us why)
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