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How do you know you’re getting the cheapest business electricity prices?

Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, you can be forgiven for scratching your head when it comes to your commercial electricity rates. With suppliers offering all manner of different deals, it can be hard to figure out which tariff is best for you.

What we do know is that if you compare business electricity tariffs, you will quickly find that you can make significant financial savings. More companies are recognising the benefits of changing their electricity supplier, but there are still many firms that are stuck on overly-expensive deals simply because they haven’t weighed up their options.

It takes a matter of seconds to conduct a business electricity price comparison and Love Energy Savings’ team of experts will give you all the information you need, so what are you waiting for?

Which type of electricity tariff is best for your business?

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to business electricity bills. While some companies will prefer a fixed-rate contract, others will opt for a variable-rate deal.

As you’ve probably guessed, a fixed-rate tariff locks in the price and protects you against any sudden increases in prices. Meanwhile a variable-rate contract will benefit you if commercial electric prices fall. At Love Energy Savings, you can compare both fixed-rate and variable-rate tariffs, although we generally advise our customers to choose the former rather than the latter. Here’s why:

  • Fixed-term business electricity prices are usually cheaper than variable energy deals in the long haul
  • Your new commercial electricity supplier may be able to offer you a renewable energy option
  • By setting up a direct debit, SMEs can find it much easier to budget when they know exactly how much money is going to come out of their account each month
  • You’ll be protected against any wholesale electricity price increases
  • A dedicated Love Energy Savings account manager will be back in touch once your fixed-term contract is coming to its expiry date
  • Energy prices are fixed at varying lengths to suit the needs of your SME, this is all clearly shown via your commercial electricity comparison results

Again, it’s worth noting that some companies are better suited to variable rates, so why not get in touch with one of our experts to find out more? The Love Energy Savings team all have a vast amount of energy industry experience and they’ll be able to explain the nuances of the global market and point out how certain events can have an impact on your business electricity prices.

How to find the cheapest business electricity prices for your company

There are many suppliers out there and you could argue that there has never been more competition in the market. Although the so-called ‘Big Six’ still account for the vast majority of business electricity contracts in the UK, a new wave of smaller energy providers have emerged in the last few years, giving consumers even greater choice.

Comparing the cheapest suppliers is a quick and simple process thanks to Love Energy Savings’ advanced comparison platform. Rather than going through the painstaking rigmarole of phoning each supplier individually and asking about their rates, we do all of the hard work for you. Once we have some details from you, we will then generate a list of the best and cheapest business electric prices in your area in a matter of seconds.

The whole process can be broken down into three simple steps.

Stage One

This is the only stage in which you actually have to do something, and even then it’s the bare minimum. In order to carry out your business electricity comparison, we’ll need some basic information from you. This will take just a few seconds, and we can actually conduct your search based on your postcode and current electricity supplier alone, although it must be stressed that the more details we get from you, the better. You don’t have to worry about giving out any sensitive details. We don’t even need your name or the name of your company!

Stage Two

Our state-of-the-art commercial electricity price comparison engine will now work its magic, generating a list of the best deals around. Within seconds you’ll have a clear idea of just how much money you can save by switching to a new electric supplier.

Stage Three

Once you’ve chosen a new business electricity tariff, Love Energy Savings will take care of the switchover, dealing with your current supplier and your new provider. This takes all of the stress out of the process and enables you to carry on running your business. Recent legislative reforms have also shortened the amount of time it takes to complete a switchover, so you’ll be saving money in no time!

Why conduct a business electricity comparison with Love Energy Savings?

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking; “why should I trust Love Energy Savings?” It’s a fair question, and one we plan to answer with complete honesty and transparency. After all, these are two values that we hold very dear.

The truth is we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers not only save significant sums of money, but that they are also well looked after during the switching process. Once you’ve found a cheap business electric quote that you’re happy with, we’ll stick with you every step of the way, taking control of matters to ensure your existing energy supplier and new provider get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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