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Southern Electric logoSouthern Electric is an energy company that operates in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1990 before merging with Scottish Hydro-Electric plc to create SSE or Scottish and Southern Energy plc in 1998. Nonetheless, if you check the records of energy companies in the United Kingdom, you’re likely to see the logo and name intact. This is because the new company, SSE, continues using the logo and name of Southern Electric. The company distributes gas and electricity to residential homes located in the southern parts of England in the United Kingdom. The energy company has employed just under 20, 000 workers to ensure that residential homes in England have all the gas and electricity needed. Recently, the company has diversified into broadband services. If you need more information about the products and services that the company sells, contact Southern Electric Customer Service today.

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Distributing gas and electricity to homes in the United Kingdom is what Southern Electric does best. In fact, the quality and range of energy services that Southern Electric offers have made it one of the Big 6 in the country. Furthermore, other than distribution, the company is also renowned for generating and supplying electricity as well as gas. It operates several gas and telecom networks in the United Kingdom. Other services that the company provides to customers in the UK include metering, connections, contracting, E&P as well as gas storage. Learn how to apply for any of these services by dialing any Southern Electric Contact Number, Southern Electric Phone Number or Southern Electric Helpline to speak with a Southern Electric Customer Service advisor.Southern Electric engineers Southern Electric is renowned for the renewable and thermal energy that it generates. It’s the largest company in the UK that generates renewable energy.

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What do you want to contact Southern Electric about? Do you need the help of Southern Electric Customer Service on gas and electricity? Do you wish to get in touch with the customer care team for assistance on its phone and broadband services? Is the quality of home services that you receive from Southern Electric the best? If you have a general enquiry on gas and electricity, the Southern Electric Contact Number, Southern Electric Phone Number and Southern Electric Helpline to use in seeking answers to your complains is 0345 026 2658. You can also fill the online form and send an email to customer services. If your general enquiry has to do with the phone and broadband services, then the contact number, helpline or phone number that you should dial for assistance is Southern Electric phone number 0345 071 9886. Customers with general enquiries on home services should contact the Southern Electric Customer Service department via 0345 076 7646.

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