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About Freedom for business prices

Variable prices (when you are not in a fixed term contract) are usually more expensive than our fixed term prices because you have the flexibility to change supplier at any time (as long as you don't have an outstanding balance).

When you choose a fixed contract, because you commit to stay with us for a fixed period of time, we can more accurately buy your energy in advance. This means the rates tend to cost less and you'll get security as we guarantee your prices for your chosen term. See below for our electricity and gas Freedom for business prices.

Business Electricity (variable)
Fixed Daily Charge
(Pence per day)*
Day Unit Rate
(Pence per kWh)*
25p 17.20p
Business Gas (variable)
Fixed Daily Charge
(Pence per day)*
Unit Rate
(Pence per kWh)*

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Electricity - see our for all meter types
Gas - see our

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Important information:

  • At least 30 days’ written notice will be provided ahead of any changes to these prices
  • Variable prices are typically more expensive than fixed contracts and are subject to change at any time
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