Best business electricity rates UK

Top 10 Business Electricity Suppliers

You can find the best business electricity deals without compromising on service. Here is how to work out what electricity package you need for your business.

Assess your business' needs

Most business energy deals are fixed price and tie you into a set contract term. So your energy priorities will need to reflect your business' needs over the full contract term.

Look for the contract duration that suits your company best. You can base this on how much energy you currently use and whether you expect that consumption to increase.

Some suppliers restrict their best tariffs to small or medium sized businesses while others specialise in companies with higher consumption.

If you have multiple offices

If your business is split across a number of different locations then you should check the number of meters at each site.

This should not only affect your business' billing, but you could incur additional surcharges from some suppliers for every extra meter you have.

Billing options

Being able to manage your account effectively is almost as important as getting cheap electricity, for example:

  • Do you want to pay monthly or annually?
  • Do you want to give meter reading yourself or have an engineer do it?
  • Would you prefer an estimated usage bill instead?

What features to choose

You can use our business electricity comparison to view the services offered and decide what features you need, including:

  • Renewable energy
  • Online billing
  • Direct debit payment
  • Dual fuel

You should consider the overall service offered before you decide what is best for your business.

  • Some suppliers may assign a dedicated energy consultant to you, who will identify where you could cut energy wastage.
  • Others might provide half hourly meters that produce real time data on your consumption.
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