Energy Saving Ideas for business

20 Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Business Energy Costs

Running a business can be a difficult venture. It can become even more difficult when you consider the different types of costs you’ll run into when you’re starting up. Employee salaries, benefits, products, rental space and much more – all of these factors can impact your budget and will have to be taken into consideration when you’re creating and running your business. However, something many people don’t consider is the cost of energy and efficiency when you’re operating. Electricity, hydro, water and gas can be costly as well especially if you’re working long days or have a wealth of these different energies throughout the week. In order to reduce costs in your business when it comes to energy, there are a variety of different factors you need to consider. By assessing the needs of your employees and your customers when it comes to providing quality and standard energy, you’ll be able to make a plan that helps you cut costs where you need it the most.

Some essential tips come from the way you are already choosing to operate. Ask yourself this list of questions and consider the answers you come up with; many people are surprised that what they do on a day-to-day basis for their business can actually have a great influence over their energy costs.

15. Plant shady trees outside your office: Shady landscaping outside your office can protect it from intense sun during summers and chilly winds during winters. The tree and it’s leaves will protect your office from sun’s rays and less cooling would be required. If your office already has proper insulation and energy efficient appliances, the effect will be much smaller.

16. Use technology to hold virtual meetings: New technologies like Webex and Skype allows you to hold virtual meetings, give presentations and make long distance phone calls without even going to client’s office. You can surely save money on the amount of gasoline or flight tickets that would be used to buy it.

17. Allow employees to work from home on alternate days: Give your employees an option to work from home on alternate days. With VPN technology, an employee can connect to office network safely and securely. With less employees in office, less lighting and cooling would be required. Technology gives employees advantage of flexible work arrangements.

18. Discourage the excessive use of lighting or electricity: Switch off extra lights at corridors, stairs, cafeteria, reception, meeting rooms and near workstation. Try to make use of daylight as much as possible.

19. Encourage employees to take part in brainstorming sessions: Saving energy is not the sole responsibility of business owners. Employees must be delegated responsibility to come out with their own innovative ideas to cut down energy costs. Employers often underestimate the ideas of their employees, so having an open dialogue about the things that could be changed about energy usage in your business is very important. This will allow you to create energy efficient work culture in your company.

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