Business electricity prices comparison

Contract Renewal Reminder Service

Energy Advice Line is a free online comparison and switching service dedicated to businesses in the UK that enables you to check the market at the click of a button. Even if you do not have your bill in front of you, our online quote engine provides you with the most competitive options available in the UK, so you can make a saving with the confidence that you have compared the market and made a well informed, confident decision.

Our service does not end with getting you the cheapest rates, we will also manage your switch and make sure that you transfer to your new supplier as quickly as possible. Most importantly you will not suffer any interruption to your business electricity supply!

The most important element of protecting your business from unplanned price rises is two-fold. Firstly, we always advice customers moving into a new business premises is to compare and switch energy as soon as the lease or freehold agreement has been signed, to avoid being moved onto very expensive out-of-contract rates. Secondly, if you are coming to the end of a fixed term contract with your current supplier, it has never been more important to spend some time and go online to compare rates against what you are being offered on renewal

Your Energy Advice Line account manager will contact you on approach to the end of your fixed term price expiry date. We will contact you with your renewal offer from your current supplier as well as compare them with what is available from other suppliers as new business options.

Our aim is to seamlessly secure the most competitive price and prevent your current supplier from moving you onto expensive roll over or 'deemed out of contract' prices, which are designed to maximise the supplier's profitability - to the detriment of its customer.

The Best Business Electricity Prices on the Market

Furthermore, not only are we committed to offering you the best electricity prices for your business on the market, but we analyse the supplier's small print, terms and conditions, and give them a 'star rating' based on them meeting certain criteria. We compare the prices but also identify what we would consider unfair terms that could be detrimental to your business. This way you get the lowest prices, as well as understanding exactly what you are signing up for.

The business electricity prices you are paying now could increase significantly overnight, so it pays to check now with the Energy Advice Line. We pride ourselves on being a consumer champion, helping firms of all sizes find the cheapest commercial electricity prices on the market.

Controlling the Cost of your Business' Electricity Bills

Energy regulator OFGEM has investigated business electricity price comparison and found that firms who use a reputable price comparison service, like the Energy Advice Line, are more likely to have lower bills than those who stay with the same supplier year after year. There is no doubt that it literally pays to shop around and to stay in control of your firm's supply.

Say NO to Cold Calling on Business Electricity and Gas

At Energy Advice Line, we actively campaign against business owners and decsion makers being called out of the blue by agencies and suppliers that buy customers' data. In most instances, the data tends t be very expensive, which then has a detrimental effect on the price that these cold calling companies offer you. They will tend to have to build in extra margins on the prices to pay for the data. Ultimately, this approach does not benefit anyone apart from the commission hungry cold callers. We strongly advise customers not to engage with someone that calls you out of the blue and firmaly believe that if you want to compare the market you should invite the contact and speak to a company that you want to speak to.

Please join the campaign today and let us lobby the regulator to try and prevent this approach. There is nothing worse than being bombarded by unsolicited cold callers - that's why we actively campaign against it - join the campaign today!

Best Price First Time Policy

When you contact Energy Advice Line, whether you compare prices online or call a customer advisor at our UK service centre we will offer you the best price first time for your meter configuration. Our overriding aim is to save our customers as much money as possible.

As a direct comparison, if we compare this with the majority of suppliers on a direct basis, they will only tend to offer you a price in the first instance that will allow them to earn as much money as possible. It is then up to you to make an informed decision on what you do going forward. This does not sit very well with the team at EAL, as this approach creates an element of distrust between supplier and customer - which ultimately affects the trust perception of the customer on the...

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