AGL business rates

Rates and Tariff

Your Base Rate
When you receive your natural gas bill each month from your marketer, a portion of the bill is a base charge from Atlanta Gas Light. This charge is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Base charges represent our cost of delivering gas to your home or business, pipeline maintenance and meter reading. If you change marketers, this charge will remain the same.

Base rates are unique to each household or business. They are calculated by how much gas is used during the coldest period of the prior year. This allows us to plan ahead so we have enough pipe and storage capacity to meet every customer's need in cold weather, when more natural gas is used.

Your base charge depends on the size of your home or business, the types of gas appliances you have and your usage patterns. Your base charge does not affect the price of the natural gas you use at home or your business.

Calculating Your Base Rate: Examples
Use the base rate example worksheets below to calculate the Atlanta Gas Light pass-through charge for a typical residential, commercial or agriculture customer. Type in your DDDC factor and choose the month you would like to view to make the calculation.

Base Rate Example - Commercial Customers

Tariff Provisions
The tariff is our company's schedule of approved rates and charges on file with the Georgia Public Service Commission.

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