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As part of our commitment to the environment and the communities we are part of, we‘ve invested in a number of projects that focus on low carbon energy sources. Each of these initiatives will help further our knowledge in this energy field and have a positive effect on our environment.

Energy Technologies Institute
EDF Energy is a founding member of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), established in 2007 with a focus on low-carbon energy solutions.

The ETI is a joint venture partnership between the public and private sector and involves some of the world’s biggest companies, including Shell, Rolls-Royce, BP, Caterpillar and E-on. Its aim is to accelerate development of new technologies to make energy cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable in the future.

EDF Energy Renewables
EDF Energy and EDF Energies Nouvelles announced in June 2008 the creation of a new joint venture company – EDF Energy Renewables.

The new company is a 50:50 joint venture between EDF Energy and EDF Energies Nouvelles, with each party combining its renewable energy development skills, expertise and resources in one place in order to spearhead renewable development activities in the UK.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power
EDF Energy is constructing a new 1, 300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station at its West Burton site. CCGT power generation is the most energy efficient and clean method of fossil fuel generation. CCGT plant burn natural gas, which turns a gas turbine, with the waste heat used to turn a steam turbine. The power station is planned to be ready for commercial operation in 2011 and has been designed to have a life of 25 years.

Wind Turbines
Our wind farms will play an important role in helping us lead the way in providing low-carbon energy for current and future generations.

We currently own and run two onshore wind farms in the northeast England, with another offshore development proposed 1.5km from the coast, between the mouth of the River Tees and the town of Redcar, Teesside. It has been proposed that 30 turbines, which should be able to generate green electricity for approximately 60, 000 homes.

Teesside Offshore Wind will help support the UK's target to get 10% of all electricity generation from renewable sources by 2010.

Tidal Current Power
In February 2002 we agreed to invest £3 million in underwater turbines to harness the power of high tidal stream currents. This deal with Marine Current Turbines Ltd saw us become a strategic partner in the project. Tidal current power has the potential to make a major contribution to future renewable energy sources.

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