Electricity prices for business

Business electricity prices and rates

Keeping the lights on at your business is a necessity that shouldn't cause you undue stress when choosing an electricity provider. Find electricity prices and contract lengths to suit your operation with npower.

At npower, we offer several tariffs featuring prices designed to make your choice for business energy easy. We have specific offerings for small to medium sized businesses as well, allowing enterprises to ensure they’re maximising their energy savings.

npower: a great choice for electricity tariffs

High market prices for electricity need not keep new businesses or those switching suppliers from being profitable, as they can secure fixed-term contracts to keep spending lower. Location can also affect prices of electricity and gas due to delivery requirements, so it's good for businesses to ensure they have the best electricity deals in their area.

Fortunately for businesses all over the UK, npower has tariffs that tick all the boxes for a modern business trying both to save money and the environment when choosing an electricity provider. With Energy Saving Know:How, specifically designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, firms could reduce their energy use by around 10 per cent*, along with 10, 000 other businesses in the UK, by following advice from our energy efficiency experts and monitoring use.

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