Electricity prices for Small Businesses

Small Business Energy Solutions

We know every penny counts. That’s why we create specialized energy pricing based on your business’ historical usage to lock in great prices for your gas and electricity prices.

Energy Supply Basics

  • Thanks to deregulation, you can now choose a supplier that meets your needs
  • With more than 25 years of expertise in buying energy, we pass the savings on to you
  • You get reliability and predictability in your energy costs with no hidden costs

Video Transcript

So here’s the thing about the energy that powers your world. In the beginning, the was only one way to get your energy. The utility generated it and delivered it to you, end of story.

A few things have changed over the last one hundred years. There are many independent gas producers and power generators. There have been major new discoveries in natural gas all over the country, and there are now different types of electricity generation.

All of these things have really changed the game. So how does that work?

Now there are independent suppliers who can buy this energy directly from all these new sources. And guess what? These independent suppliers are experts in buying energy. They can find the best sources and deliver it to your utility provider. This gives you the best rates and the kind of energy that you want.

The utility provider is still there to bring you the energy. Same lines, same pipes, and same reliable utility service.

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